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It's just a question of time!

No doubt you’ll have heard that the Greek islands have not yet been added to the UK Green travel list. This is altogether disappointing and surprising and at odds with the judgement of other European governments who have deemed the Ionian a safe destination for holidaymakers,  Our

As you know we opened successfully last summer without any Covid cases at Healthy Options. Infection rates on Lefkas are currently negligible (the past four days have seen zero cases on Lefkas) and the Greek Government have confirmed that they expect all local residents of all Greek islands to be vaccinated by the end of June.  Given the large percentage of the UK population that will have been vaccinated by then too, we certainly expect that the Green light will be given on the next UK Govt review towards the end of June.

While our British Airways flights will now commence on  s3ws

Looking forward to seeing you later in the summer.


* as of 17th June 

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