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As you’ll already know if you’re one of our regular guests, our variety of Yoga, Pilates and other fitness classes accompanied by a wide range of other fun on and off the water activities such as sailing, paddle-boarding, bicycle and herbal walk excursions have received considerable praise over the years, including winning the British Travel Award for the best small Activity holiday company in 2019.

I like to think that exploring all the various activities we offer on a Healthy Options holiday enables you try something new, maybe stepping outside of your comfort zone, and acquire newfound skills for a healthy mindset …as well as relaxing fully on your well deserved holiday.

If you are interested you might enjoy reading our first ever Press feedback from the Guardian back in 2005 when our classes were taught in an ex-army tent pitched up outside Kavadias beach bar for simply yoga and massage and the following year kicking off our first week with ‘The Brand New You

In my experience Healthy Options experiences have often resulted in massive transformative change for many but then when arriving home, not knowing how to put these new inspirations into a lifestyle action. With winter on the way, we need to hold onto the positivity and sunshine of your Healthy Options adventures especially after what we have all been through with the mass pandemic. We are all put out of kilter so much easier now somehow than before and need that extra human connection and support.

This is where my coaching comes into play to help you optimise your life, improve your Health and Wellness and get through any big lifestyle changes and challenges you may be facing

So, if you’re looking for support to navigate through the winter months, I’m here for you – using my expertise in Health, Wellness and life coaching to help you lead a more balanced and intentional life, finding your self-confidence, overcoming anxiety, and making brave decisions to make your life as fulfilling as possible.

I will be your trusted ally working closely with you to encourage accountability, motivating you to make your goals totally possible. All accomplished via zoom or in person at my Lymington studio.

So, what is my coaching style?

My female-focused coaching is a trusted and supported way of goal setting, planning, prioritising, and tweaking behaviours. I can help you accomplish this through creating a well life vision/plan along with continual encouragement and accountability - all these steps will lead you to the things that are truly important in your life.

Depending on your goals, I offer individual, 6 or 12 sessions and I offer three wellness programmes covering;

Each programme is designed around life challenges I know all too well. Having experienced each of these challenges, I know the remedies outlined in each journey will enhance your success of overcoming these often-overwhelming situations and will instil clarity into your life. This will enable you to find ways of anchoring negativity and to move forward with a more positive mindset.

Not ready for coaching, or are you looking to continue your Healthy Options Yoga journey?

I also have availability for face-to-face private 1-2-1 or 1-2-2 Yoga sessions in my Lymington based studio. A warm and beautiful space, fully equipped with mats and props, a haven where you can totally relax and reset your mind and body.

The find out more my website to find out more or if you’d like a chat, schedule yourself for a FREE discovery call.