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Is it safe to book my holiday yet?

Is it safe to book my holiday yet?

The simplest answer is that it has always been safe to book a holiday with us. Your monies are completely ATOL Protected (we hold ATOL 10042). Last year all clients booked on holidays we were not able to provide, as the borders were closed due to the pandemic, were refunded on average within 48 hours or accepted a voucher for this year: an enviable record that puts many others to shame.

Should l book my holiday now or wait for further news?

With recent news in the media particularly concerning Greece’s positive approach to tourism this summer we have seen a surge in demand particularly for peak season holidays, and many of our regular guests who were unable to visit us last year have already booked for this coming year. 

Although we are all waiting for the UK Governments Taskforce report on 12th April (which may now be published on 5th April) which will confirm the date at which international travel can restart (currently advised as no earlier than 17 May) if you have holiday dates in mind then there is no reason to hold on, given the information below. We highly recommend booking as early as possible any holiday from 4th July onwards to avoid any disappointment. 

What if my holiday is cancelled due to Covid? 

Firstly, if it is deemed unsafe to travel and therefore UK/Greek Govts prevent us from operating our holidays then we will necessarily have to cancel holidays and refund/offer credit vouchers for future holidays, as happened in the first half of the 2020 season. Our best guess would be that the UK Global Travel Taskforce report will identify countries that it will be safe to travel to/from and so no quarantine restrictions will be imposed on travel to/from them, effectively opening air corridors between the countries as happened in the 2nd half of the 2020 season – and we fully expect Greece will be on that safe travel list.

Secondly, whilst our normal deposit is required to book a holiday, we will not request the payment of the holiday balance if that falls prior to the Taskforce report until we are certain that the holiday can take place.

Thirdly, if you book a holiday and we subsequently offer any strategic discounts on particular dates we will automatically apply the discount to your holiday already booked on a like for like basis if applicable (i.e. same date/duration/airport/accommodation). So, you can book with confidence knowing you won’t pay more than someone else booking later – and you’ll be getting the exact holiday you want.

Finally, there were no cases of Covid at Healthy Options in 2020 or on any of our BA flights. With the vaccination rollout, increased testing and measures outlined above plus the health protocols we have already implemented in resort successfully last year, we are confident that we can provide our guests once again with a fantastic holiday in a safe environment along with sunshine, blue sky and some healthy activities…and the odd glass of wine of course!

Will I need a vaccination certificate?

Speaking to CNN (18 March), the Greek Prime Minister said the safety of visitors is Greece’s absolute priority and that he expects the country to have a much better tourism season in 2021.

“We will do everything in our power to make sure that visitors come to Greece in the most safe way. We have in place all the necessary protocols to ensure that they will get the full Greek experience without any real compromises… If we did it last year, we will certainly do it much better this year now that we have additional tools at our disposal,” Mitsotakis said, referring to the European Commission’s official proposal on establishing a Digital Green Certificate to facilitate travel in Europe. Also referred to as a vaccination certificate, the Digital Green Certificate will be proof that a person has been vaccinated against Covid-19, received a negative test result or recovered from the coronavirus.

“With such a certificate you will be allowed to enter a country such as Greece without any quarantine and without any additional testing at the borders, so as more people get vaccinated I expect this digital green passport to become standard in travel. And I do expect that it will allow us to safely open for the summer holidays. We intend to start our summer season officially around May 15,” the Greek Prime Minister said. See here for further details

Furthermore, the Greek government has said that it will prioritise the vaccination of people working in the tourism industry to further protect visitors and locals alike.

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Is it safe to book my holiday yet?

Is it safe to book my holiday yet? The simplest answer is that it has always been safe to book a holiday with us. Your monies are completely protected under the ATOL scheme (we hold ATOL...

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