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Great instructors coming back for another Great season in Vassiliki

Over the past dozen years that we have been offering our Healthy Options programme we have been lucky enough to have attracted some really outstanding teachers across all the disciplines we offer: Yoga, Pilates and Fitness. Our instructors really love what they do and proof of this is the fact that so many of them come back to the team year after year. Here is a run through of just a few of our returning instructors and their special skills

Amy Chambers - Team Leader & Fitness Instructor

Amy is back again (actually she never left…) and is your fitness, swimming and windsurfing instructor. She loves teaching and educating people about fitness and really brings fun into her classes and we promise you’ll love her music playlists (and yes, she takes requests). Amy has a wonderfully fun and realistic approach to fitness and loves teaching at all levels. But don’t worry, she won’t be enrolling anyone in a boot camp our philosophy of doing as little or as much as you like always applies!

“I couldn’t recommend Amy and Healthy Options enough! Make your way over to Vass for some quality, get (back) into shape, it’s worth every drop of sweat!” Karina

Amy Chambers will be available from 2nd May to 4th October.

Alex Bowley - Flow Yoga

Alex is back again! She’s been in Bali and Ecuador all winter teaching and tanning and we’re really looking forward to having her back all season for 2020. Alex’s flow classes are always original and as challenging as you want them to be modifications and alternatives are always available and her anatomy and alignment teaching points are awesome! Coming from a dance background, you feel like you’re dancing and flowing: sometimes gracefully (sometimes not!) from one posture to another. She’ll be doing workshops during the week as well as offering reflexology treatments.

Alexandra Bowley will be available from 2nd May to 4th October.

Olympia Tsarohi - Hatha Yoga

She’s back with her beautiful yoga classes! Olympia’s classes are alignment focused and suitable for all and any level or ability. Her adjustments and cues throughout the classes make them truly accessible for everyone with modifications and alternatives always on hand. Her jokes are not to be missed either by the way, look out for the highly original ‘what’s the most zen breakfast? The OMmmmelette of course!’

Olympia Tsarouchi will be available from 2nd May to 4th October.

Lynne Gentle – Pilates and Yamuna Body Rolling

Lynne’s unique style of teaching Pilates makes for really functional classes. Her knowledge of anatomy and physiology is phenomenal, always light-hearted with humorous anecdotes thrown in and the Texan banter is hilarious and really lifts a class. Yamuna body rolling is an effective muscular self-release class, where instead of using foam rollers you’re creating space in the joints with specially designed balls. Lynne is always happy to chat and answer any questions, so make sure you chat and ask questions! Lynne is also a Rock Star gigging frequently in and around Hampstead and so you’ll also see her performing at the BBQ each Tuesday. Not to be missed.

Lynne Gentle will be available from 12th July to 16th August.

Emma Rigby - Pilates and Barre

We’ve tempted Emma away from the Moulin Rouge in Paris for another stint in Vassiliki. Her Pilates classes are challenging but fun.For some reason you always want to work hard for Emma maybe it's the way she glides around the tent like the ex-ballerina she is! Her Barre classes are beautifully led, and we promise you’ll look like Emma in them (well, almost…). She will be also offering Raynor Massage - a system of bodywork developed by Australian trained Naturopath Brandon Raynor. It covers not just the muscles of the body but also the skeletal system and the body’s subtle energy systems. It is super effective at relaxing tired and tight muscles while paying attention to the anchor points of the body the hands, head and feet. Bliss!

Emma Rigby will be available from 30th August to 20th September.


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