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Fall in love with Greece in May.

There is no place quite like Greece in May and if you have never experienced it, you must and here’s why…

It is said that Persephone, the mythical goddess of vegetation endowed Greece with more than 5600 species of plant, 750 of which are unique to Greek land.  So, when winter turns to spring in Greece, thousands of wild flowers bloom and the fields around Vassiliki are filled with an array of multi-coloured wild flowers. 

It is well worth taking one of our bikes and cycling up into the hills and olive groves to take in the beautiful views.  You can also pick up some of the most delicious local honey from roadside sellers that you’ll have ever tasted.

Before the heat of the summer kicks in, the air feels really fresh and you’ll be able to smell the scents of the wild flowers and the lemon trees in particular.   The temperature at this time of year reaches highs of around 24 degrees in the daytime.  The water has already warmed enough for swimming and the bay has already come alive with watersports, although compared to the summer months Vassiliki Bay is relatively quiet.

“Such a beautiful setting perfect for relaxing. Wonderful range of classes and expert teachers.” Luise, Speech and Language Therapist.

There is a freshness not only in the air but amongst all of the local Greeks, who are delighted for winter to be over and for new clients to be returning to their businesses after the long winter break.  There are far fewer tourists around at this time of year than there are at the height of summer so you can take advantage of great service and the feeling of being able to find your own little corner to escape to.

On May evenings all around Vassiliki you can take in the spectacle of the fireflies.  Little flashes can seen all around the Wildwind centre and on the walk to Vassiliki Village.  The fireflies are doing their annual mating dance, a unique pattern of flashes that attract a suitable mate.  Sitting outside to dine at this time of year you will need a jumper, but you will be rewarded with the sites, smells and sounds that are uniquely Greece.  

Taking your Healthy Options earlier in the season is a great way to kickstart your summer fitness routine and will put you into good habits that you will carry on throughout the rest of the year.

“I came for a week break with an open mind. My aim was to re-educate my mind and body, also to rehabilitate my back. I'm feeling happier and healthier as I return home with positive results.



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