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Am I too old… or too young for a Healthy Options Holiday?

We are frequently asked what age groups are catered for on our holidays and whether a certain age is too old…or too young.

Our classes are designed for adults of all ages; we don’t take children as our instructors are not qualified in the specialist disciplines required to teach youngsters, so 16 years old is about the lower limit we can accept, but we have no upper age limit at all. As long as you are interested in being fitter and healthier, not only will you find our varied programme suitable for all ages and experience, you’re also bound to meet like-minded people of all ages.   

 Not only is there an extensive programme of activities for all levels of Yoga and Pilates.  Our small group sizes keep the classes personal and allow our instructors to tailor the instruction to suit not just the different groups but the individuals within each group.

It is fairly common for mothers and daughters to book on a Healthy Options holiday and we have even been known to accommodate three generations of the same family in the Healthy Options programme.  

“Healthy Options teachers were very careful with older guests.” Ann, retired. (Aged 82)

“My holiday was both relaxed and active.” Suzi, Student. (Aged 19.)

The benefits of making Yoga/Pilates a part of your regular routine at any age are almost too many to list. Yoga and Pilates help to maintain fitness, posture, balance, muscle tone, healthy bones and flexibility.  In addition to the benefits for the body there are also many benefits for the mind including stress relief and helping to maintain a positive outlook.  In short, you could go on a Healthy Options holiday and arrive back home feeling younger than when you left!

“A fabulous way to unwind, tune up and tune into your body. Excellent Yoga and Pilates classes in beautiful surroundings. Highly recommended.” Sofia, Eduation Consultant.

Many of our clients coming to us for the first time are rather surprised just how easy it is to make friends in our relaxed environment; our social events include a delicious home made welcome dinner on the first night that you arrive, as well as a beach BBQ and cocktail nights with live music where you’ll have ample opportunity to mix not only with your fellow Healthy Options guests, but also with clients of our sister company, Wildwind Sailing, and, of course, a smattering of local Greeks who turn up every week to join in the fun.
Every Healthy Options holiday includes plenty of other activities outside of the wide range of Yoga/Pilates classes including: the opportunity to try watersports, bike riding, aqua-fit, swiss-ball, circuits, snorkeling, a guided herbal walk and a free massage session for every guest. The Healthy Options team always keep in mind that this is your holiday so you are free to participate as much as you choose to.   

“You can do as much or as little as you wanted - there was no pressure to join in. An excellent combination of exercise and relaxation in beautiful surroundings.” Jill Wilcox, retired.


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